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Add Art to launch in Hamburg


Companies to open doors to art lovers

A total of 17 companies in Hamburg including the Chamber of Commerce, the Grand Elysée Hamburg and Kappich & Piel will open their doors to art lovers from November 21-24, 2019. Art enthusiasts can view collections or individual pieces that are not normally open to the public. The event will launch on November 18, 2019 with the add art Award for young artists and an art quiz at Kappich & Piel studios and gallery.

Interaction between business and art

The series of events, now in its seventh year, gives the pubic insight into entrepreneurial art promotion and its significance. Companies will open their doors in the hopes of intense interest in art. The exhibitions range from corporate collections, art forums* founded by the company owner to private art purchases by managing directors.

Promoting young artists

The add art Award for Young Artists has been presented since 2018 and is worth EUR 3,000. The platform collaborates with the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg (HAW). Companies can exhibit works by HAW’s artist during the weekend. Each artist receives a fixed fee in return. Visitors also have the opportunity to purchase the exhibited works of art.

Lunch Talk – Art & District

The add art is hosting a first “Lunch Talk” on November 22, 2019 with art historian Julia Rosenbaum and the award winning artist Carla Chan at the Fieldfisher law firm in Hafencity. Visitors can register in advance for guided tours of the participating companies and the surrounding districts.

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Melissa KnausNov. 6, 2019
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