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Start-ups offering wealth of ideas for Advent calendars

Spicy and nice, DIY, storytelling and keep fit calendars on offer this year

Germans are likely to be particularly generous this Christmas, according to a “representative survey” by the auditing and consulting firm EY: “The average gift budget of German citizens is up 6 per cent on the previous year to EUR 282 which is the highest figure since the survey began in 2007. The projected, planned gift expenses for Germany this year amount to a total of EUR 18.4 billion.” Consumers’ budgets are likely to leave plenty of room for a special Advent calendar despite the sustained popularity of little chocolate treats behind every door. More and more manufacturers are giving their creativity free rein.

DIY calendar

Frischepost has termed its do-it-yourself Advent calendar perhaps “the most sustainable Advent calendar in the world”. Whether roasted almonds from the Ehren Zuckerwarenfabrik, Christmas noodles from the Stade pasta factory or apple rings from Hunkelstide – all kinds of regional products by small manufacturers are sold in bags made of unbleached and certified organic cotton. Founded in 2015, the start-up has set itself the goal of becoming Hamburg’s online farm shop to create a link between small farms and manufacturers and nutrition-conscious consumers in the city.

Foodist offering three calendars

Foodist sells sweet, spicy, fruity or spicy delicacies made by small manufacturers all over Europe. Gourmets can choose from the “Gourmet Adventskalender”, the “Gourmet Adventskalender Premium” and the “Foodist Activekalender”, which is especially for vegan connoisseurs. The Hamburg-based start-up tracks down global food trends and culinary insider tips and looks at around 700 products every month, tasting 400 articles to finally select 40.

Limited edition: deluxe Advent calendar

The spice manufacturer Ankerkraut is offering handmade treats without additives in its blends. This year, the start-up is launching a deluxe Advent calendar in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces. Apart from spices and blends, the Advent calendar also features a book tied with a bow with a Christmas story that unfolds from day to day.

Body Attack: Advent Calendar 2018 Mix

Founded in 1994, Body Attack is no longer a start-up and offers Christmas cheer – albeit calorie-conscious. The Body Attack Advent Calendar 2018 Mix is aimed at athletes and fitness fans to help them “to stay in top shape at this time”. Doors open to reveal Christmassy snacks such as cinnamon flav drops, an attack grapefruit shot, protein cookies or a YAMBAM bar in Salted Caramel.

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Judith OppongNov. 19, 2018