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Rock IT aims to improve social skills in IT sector

Rock IT's master classes in virtual classrooms focus on expertise and personal development

The Hamburg-based start-up Rock IT aims to enhance specialist and social skills during master classes held in a virtual classroom and by setting up an interdisciplinary network. This comes after a recent survey by Bitcom Research found that around 35 per cent of companies say IT specialists lack social. This highlights the need to improve specialst and social skills in equal measure.

Programming requires teamwork

“Initially, the combination of professional and personal development was viewed rather sceptically,” said Edgar Dyck, CEO of Rock IT. But the combination was well received at the first event. At present, projects in enterprises make demands on the organization and structure and do not consist of work for individual developers. The master classes, for example, focus on methods of co-operation and modern programming concepts in teams.

Network and skills shortages

Networks are vital for the participants’ long-term development. The online part of Rock IT’s courses facilitate more exchange in a virtual classroom. More events and classroom offers can also boost interdisciplinary networking. “In the medium term, this can improve the image of the IT sector and motivate more young people to deal with the topic,” said Dyck. Given the shortage of skilled workers in the IT sector, it is important to make Hamburg even more attractive to IT professionals

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Melissa KnausAug. 7, 2019
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