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"Hammerbrooklyn – City of the Future” announced

Hamburg and Art Invest set up charitable foundation - pavilion to open in 2020

Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics, announced plans Tuesday (May 8, 2019) to establish the non-profit foundation “Hammerbrooklyn – City of the Future” swiftly. The joint project by the City of Hamburg and Art Invest Real Estate foresees a digital campus, likely one of Germany’s largest digital transformation projects, in the middle of Hamburg where companies across all sectors, organisations and start-ups worldwide come together to experiment, learn and implement innovations.

“Only if we manage to develop the city into an attractive innovation and start-up space in addition to the consistent further development of traditional strengths, can Hamburg’s economic clout and prosperity be secured in the long term,” said Westhagemann.

Charitable foundation

The foundation will have a 10 per cent stake in the Hammerbrooklyn property company. Apart from Westhagemann, and Dr. Markus Wiedenmann, CEO of Art-Invest Real Estate, the three initiatorswill also be members of the foundation’s executive committee: Prof. Dr. Henning Vöpel, Managing Director Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) will be responsible for research, Prof. Dr. Björn Bloching for digitalisation and Mathias Müller-Using for creativity. HWWI and Bloching will also function as donors.


The Digital Pavilion will be at heart of the campus. The five-storey venue will host workshops, symposia, congresses and various events to make digital transformation usable for companies and tangible for the general public. The plans also foresee a townhall, an auditorium, workshop, co-working and catering spaces well as laboratories, an indoor stop for self-propelled electric buses and a so-called maker space in the pavilion.

Start of operations

Although the pavilion is scheduled to go into operation in spring 2020, the temporary green “Hammerbrooklyn Box” is already visible from afar beside Oberhafen Bridge. From June 2019, the Hammerbrooklyn facilities will be set up and expanded. Then companies including Deutsche Bahn and Hamburger Hochbahn will start operating innovation laboratories. The ITS PMO will co-ordinate projects for the ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg from there. Talks will be held with other interested companies and partners in Hamburg. 

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Melissa KnausMay 8, 2019
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