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Hamburg sets up world record in networked driving

Over 2,700 vehicles took part in collaborative routing during port celebrations

A total of 2,717 motorists using the free Nunav navigation app on Friday (May 10, 2019) helped Hamburg and the Graphmasters start-up to set up a world record of vehicles in an intelligent traffic swarm. The Record Institute for Germany (RID), the German-speaking counterpart to the international Guinness World Records, had monitored the world record attempt.

Networked, co-operative vehicles

Hamburg now holds the world record for “the most vehicles in an urban traffic area networked and co-operative at the same time”. Daniel Stolba, spokesman for Graphmasters GmbH, said: “We are pleased with Hamburg about this world record in networked driving and would like to thank them for their confidence in our technology. This is a milestone for transport in future that nobody in Silicon Valley has achieved so far.” Automated and networked driving is on the agenda of the Intelligent Transport Systemts (ITS) World Congress, which Hamburg is hosting in 2021.

Digital Hub Logistics served as headquarters

The connected driving technology eased traffic in Hamburg, which was hit by road closures during the port anniversary celebrations. The Nunav app served as a quasi sensor that allowed the vehicles to network with each other. Graphmasters had earlier digitized the traffic concept of the German Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation (BWVI) as well as road closures and driving recommended by police. The State Office for Roads, Bridges and Waterways (Landesbetrieb Straßen, Brücken und Gewässer) had supplied data about roadworks and building sites. The Digital Hub Logistics, where Graphmasters has an office, served as the headquarters of the world record bid. The Institute for Information Systems at the University of Hamburg had lent scientific support to the world record attempt. 

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Melissa KnausMay 14, 2019
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