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Hamburg ranks second on Happiness Index

Employees are happiest in these German states, Kununu finds

Hamburg is the second happiest state in Germany with a happiness score of 3.78 while Berlin topped the ranking and had a narrow lead of 3.79. Bavaria came third with 3.76 points while. Saxony-Anhalt performed worst. The results stem from an analysis by Kununu, the employer evaluation platform, of happiness and found that satisfied workers are more productive, more innovative and remain loyal to their employer for longer. The happiness score by Kununu, a Xing subsidiary consists of key, workplace factors such as coherence among colleagues, superior behaviour, tasks and atmosphere.

Happiness Index 2019 von Kununu
© Kununu GmbH

Flexible working hours and home office

Well-known companies such as Nivea, Montblanc and Airbus are jointly responsible for Hamburg’s good score, according to Kununu. Employers in the Hanseatic city were able to significantly improve their employees’ sense of happiness over the same period in 2018 (3.72). The data as a whole paint a “positive picture”. Happy employees appreciate in particular the freedom received from their employers. Thus self-determination and individualization are driving forces for motivated employees. The picture is similar on where flexible working hours and home office opportunities are among the most frequent search queries.

More than 144,000 reviews analysed

Present and former employees, applicants and apprentices can evaluate companies on e.g. in terms of working conditions, career opportunities and salary. The scale ranges from one (very dissatisfied) to five (very satisfied). Key satisfaction factors at the workplace such as colleague cohesion, supervisor behaviour, tasks and atmosphere were analysed. Kununu evaluated more than 144,000 assessments of German employers over the last 12 months for the ranking.

Xing’s subsidiary

According to Kununu, it is Europe’s leading employer evaluation platform with over 3.5 million experience reports on various job criteria such as salary, working atmosphere or application processes. The company employs around 140 people in Vienna, Boston, Porto and Berlin.

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Melissa KnausJuly 29, 2019