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Hamburg opens corporate networking centre for AI in medicine


New centre (HAIH) holds great potential, says Fegebank

Hamburg’s first corporate network for promoting artificial intelligence in medicine, the “Health AI Hub Hamburg (HAIH)“, began operations Wednesday (August 28, 2019) following a ceremony attended by Katharina Fegebank, Deputy Mayor of Hamburg and Senator for Science, Research and Equality. The use of AI holds more potential for medical progress than almost any other topic, said Felix Faber, spokesman for the network and founder of MindPeak. AI presents society with great challenges and “is a topic that affects everyone and thus arouses great interest”.

During her opening address, Fegebank stressed the importance of AI, and noted: “The topics of artificial intelligence and digitisation play an important role in the further development of the healthcare system. Hamburg has enormous potential in these areas already.” A north German research association recently announced plans for an artificial intelligence competence centre in medicine. The universities of Hamburg, Lübeck, Kiel and Bremen have applied for EUR 10 million in funding for the centre.

Participating firms

HAIH is a privately organized network and includes MindPeak, Psiori, dpv analytics and fuse-ai. MindPeak researches and develops support tools for doctors to make the diagnosis of cancerfaster, better and cheaper. Founded in 2017 by Faber and Dr. Tobias Lang, MindPeak’s first products recently proved market-ready. Meanwhile, another participating company, Psiori, was founded as an interface between artificial intelligence and practical business applications in medicine. Dr. Sascha Lange is Managing Director of the company.

dpv analytics uses algorithms to analyse vital data such as ECGs and makes them available to companies in the medical sector. Dr. Stephan Kranz is Managing Director of the company. Another participating company, fuse-ai, uses modern and deep learning methods to develop systems for AI-supported medical image analysis and makes them available to the healthcare industry on the platform. Matthias Steffen is Managing Director of fuse-ai.

Open to start-ups and companies

The HAIH network is open to other start-ups and companies keen on using AI in the healthcare sector and looks forward to expanding its “ecosystem”. “There will be a monthly event called share-a-thing, where everyone shares something to help others progress and to learn from the experiences of others. We share not only the choice of technology, but also the type of data storageand architecture. The approval procedures, staff recruitment and the legal framework for our work are also similar. We can learn a lot from each other in this way,” said Faber.

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Melissa KnausSept. 2, 2019
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