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Moinblockchain to make blockchain scene feminine


Hamburg's Moinworld striving for more inclusive IT world - blockchain conference in October

The team behind Anja Schumann, CEO and founder of Moinworld, is aiming high and has set its sights on raising the percentage of female software developers and managers in the IT sector to 50 per cent. Using a mix of technology events, programming courses and mentoring, the Hamburg-based non-profit association is gearing up to host the Moinblockchain Conference 2019 on October 18 as part of the Blockchain Summer under the motto “Diversity meets tech innovation” on HSBA’s Innovation Campus. Several female keynote speakers are expected at the conference, held under the auspices of Katharina Fegebank, Deputy Mayor and Senator for Science, Research and Equality in Hamburg.

Demystifying blockchain

Schumann pointed out: Blockchain technology is one of the most exciting and diverse topics in the IT sector at present. We wish to bring experts and newcomers together and demystify complex and highly technical topics.” Moinworld’s goal of “a more inclusive IT world” is likely to become clearer on the heels of these efforts. Now in its third year, the Moinblockchain conference will continue to support women and their IT careers, Schumann added.

Basics, challenges and potentials

The conference will focus on networking and learning and features talks, panel discussions, master classes on blockchain and technologies of the future. During the Supporter Market, visitors can consult companies, experts and speakers and gain more insight into the technology and future application areas. In late July, the senate presented an initial report on blockchain activities in Hamburg and has set itself the goal of turning the Hanseatic city into an internationally known and important blockchain location.

Share global Women Techmakers community

Moinworld is welcoming at least 50 per cent female guests to stir up enthusiasm among women for the innovative blockchain sector. Founded in 2016, the organization is part of Google’s global initiative called the Women Techmakers Community. Apart from the conference, Moinblockchain also hosts regular programming courses, workshops and meet-ups for women and girls.

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Melissa KnausSept. 20, 2019