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Stimulating Innovation


Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft boosting 11 eleven sectors in Hamburg's creative economy

The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft showed just how closely creativity and innovation are intertwined at its two-day congress Mind the Progress in mid June. Stimulating innovation has become an increasingly important priority focus of the cluster. A number of activities are aimed at this, in particular the wide-ranging services in the context of the Cross Innovation Hub project. One practical example: Starting in mid October and until early December 2019, there will be a temporary collaboration and exhibition area in the designxport in HafenCity in the form of the Cross Innovation Lab. The aim is to implement innovative ideas in interdisciplinary teams made up of partners in creativity and industry. These extend from field research to market-ready prototypes and product concepts.

Egbert Rühl, Geschäftsführer der Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Shift in perspective boosts vision

An interdisciplinary approach is central to the Cross Innovation Hub. Companies, the self-employed and would-be entrepreneurs from a range of business sectors will come together there to develop innovative ideas through a shift in perspective. They aim to launch innovations with the potential to become economically viable business concepts. “For us, cross innovation means cross-sectoral collaboration on the basis of equality,” said Egbert Rühl, CEO of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft. “We are pursuing mainly two approaches here: Stimulating innovation in the creative economy and stimulating innovation through the creative economy.”

“Content Foresight” to scout the future

Developing innovation works best of course by looking far into the future – but in a methodical way. For this reason, Content Foresight is the name of the format by means of which the media content relating to developments in the mobility sector over the coming five, ten or even 15 years will be investigated this year. This will be done in a cross-sectoral way, of course. “Companies in the media and mobility sectors will jointly reconnoitre their customers’ expectations and/or those of users over a period of several months,” Rühl explained. The focus is on issues such as media formats and mobility systems that will be in demand in future and how their appeal can be boosted. “Consider the example of using media in self-driving vehicles combined with the theme of voice: How can content be introduced into smart loudspeakers in the future?”

Accelerators and incubators as tools of the future

Accelerators and incubators are other 'tools of the future’ being created either by the Kreativ Gesellschaft or by initiatives acting under its auspices, such as gamecity:Hamburgdesignxport and nextMedia.Hamburg. “The programmes have gained strong acceptance,” Rühl said. “The Music WorX Accelerator acted as interface between the music sector and the digital world in 25 submissions from 12 countries.” Five teams made it into the accelerator with approaches around Big Data, Blockchain and AI. Around 40 applications were submitted for the incubator nextMedia Lift, which is aimed at student teams from different universities, would-be entrepreneurs and the staff of established media and digital companies. “Six teams here are going into the incubator,” said Rühl, who expressed great satisfaction with Hamburg’s potential for innovation.

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Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft has been the main port of call since 2010 for professionals starting out, entrepreneurs, employees and the self-employed from a total of eleven partial markets in the creative economy. It provides workshops, presentations and networking events, individual consultancy, coaching events and assistance in financing and finding suitable workspace.

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Melissa KnausAug. 22, 2019