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nextMedia.Hamburg: Media and digital trends in 2020


Experts name latest technologies, innovations and developments

Twenty national and international experts cited interactive video formats, blockchain and artificial intelligence as the likely trends in media and digital banking this year in interviews with nextmedia.Hamburg. Experts such as Christopher Roskowetz, Jung von Matt/Tech, and Christina Elmer, Head of Data Journalism at Spiegel Online, gave insight into the categories “Future of Storytelling”, “New TV”, “Enabling Technologies” and “Business Model Innovations”. How can value-added journalism offers stand out? Which trends are particularly promising in the moving image sector?

Visual journalism on the rise

Commenting on the “Future of Storytelling” category, Jeremy Caplan, Director of Education at the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the City University of New York, said 2020 will see a “shift in visual journalism” especially in interactive video formats. “The rise of video software services like Eko, Verse, Wirewax and Rapt will enable a growing number of female editors to create compelling stories. As a result, users will increasingly be able to decide for themselves how stories are created and run.” The streaming sector will continue to grow and the competition will become even tougher with the launch of Disney+ and Apple TV+, experts predicted.

Creating convincing offers

Binding recipients is gaining importance. Elmer noted: “The media must deepen the relationship with our users to achieve a stable funding model.” However, whether they become subscribers or members depends on the market and business model. Although different solutions may work alongside each other, the offers have to viewed from the user’s perspective to prove viable in the long term.

Use of blockchain

Roskowetz noted the “continued, exciting use of blockchain in the content industry” as digital giants Facebook and Google may lose outBlockchain technology lets publishers easily determine in a transparent and encrypted manner whether consumers of content are real and correspond to the actual target group.

AI-fication of the world

The year 2020 is likely to yield plenty in terms of technology, experts said. Apart from increasingly popular trends such as voice applications, virtual reality video games, Marco Maas, CEO of Datenfreunde, said: “The ‘AI-ification’ of the world is just beginning. I do not expect any visible mass deployment in 2020. Yet, many things will happen rather subliminally.” Algorithms in social networks will be used increasingly to identify extreme expressions of opinion. Camera applications will go hand in hand with low-light photography, person identification, location identification and new filters, Maas added.

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Melissa KnausJan. 9, 2020