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Solutions.Hamburg: shaping digital transformation


Congress helps wide range of companies to manage digital change

Experts and managers will meet for Solutions.Hamburg from September 11-13, 2019 in Hamburg’s Kulturfabrik Kampnagel. Around 100 partners, 500 speakers and 6,000 delegates are expected at the congress focusing on digital change across industries and sectors. The themes of strategies, co-operation and technologies will be highlighted separately on each day of the congress.

Interdisciplinary thinking on digitization

Successful digitization requires all departments to pull together as such projects are never limited to just one department. “We have noticed that all industry events e.g. lawyers or buyers, had digitisation as a theme. Then all the lawyers talked to each other,” said Patrick Postel, the brains behind Solutions.Hamburg. However, the exchange should be between all other specialised areas in companies. This is where Solutions.Hamburg can help with its cross-divisional platform for transferring digital knowledge.

Three pillars of successful digitisation projects

The congress opens on Wednesday with Strategy Day and focusing on artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and big data. Then the main issue will be how to develop a corporate strategy that derives maximum profit from digitization. Attention will turn to New Work and teamwork on Collaboration Day (Thursday) while Technology Day (Friday) will round off the congress.

Detecting fact in the fake news era

“Factfullness”, the influential book by keynote speaker Anna Rosling Rönnlund, will focus on how people learn to see the real world and especially in the era of fake news. The author highlights fact-based perception and will focus on values and ethics within digitization during a panel discussion with journalist Ranga Yogeshwa. The supporting events include speed networking, events in the Alabama cinema and the Silpion Summer Festival.

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Melissa KnausSept. 12, 2019