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Online shopping to go virtual with Yarviss

Start-ups to bring online shops and web pages together

The Hamburg-based Yarviss start-up aims to turn online shops into virtual reality worlds using story shopping. Existing online shops are integrated into a special virtual portal and the user can navigate between different brands, subscribe to their favourite products and shop. Mert Ersu Cakar, psychologist and founder of Yarviss, promises more traffic and sales through VR shopping and is now targeting the e-commerce industry as well as the entertainment and tourism sectors.

VR web shop in two days

Mert Ersu Cakar founded the portal in late December/early January to turn online shopping into an emotional shopping experience. Yarviss takes existing websites and makes them suitable for virtual reality. According to the founder, this process takes only two days and has a positive impact on traffic and sales. His offer can be used in the e-commerce sector and in the fashion and industrial sectors, as two current test customers show.

First test run expected in autumn

Users can choose one of two versions. To use Yarviss Go, users need only a set of cardboard glasses, i.e. a special cardboard holder that turns a mobile phone into VR glasses. Yarviss Pro, on the other hand, requires VR glasses with a joystick. A test run for customers will probably be held this autumn, Mert told Hamburg Startups. The technology will be tried out in co-operation with a shop in Hamburg. The investor, 20Scoops, and the elbstack software company are backing the Yarviss founder.

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Melissa KnausMay 10, 2019
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