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Acceptance of AI increasing - humanization rejected

Around 83 per cent of Germans over 58 per cent in 2018 can imagine communicating with artificial intelligence, according to a by Statista conducted on behalf of nextMedia.Hamburg and published in August. This comes in the run-up to the scoopcamp media conference on September 25, 2019 in Hamburg. Artificial intelligence is rising and impacting sciencemedicine and traffic and is meeting with growing acceptance among Germans. However, interviewees want clear guidelines on the use of AI and when it is used. Confidence in automatically generated short reports is growing.

Potential of AI generated messages

Weather reports are the most suitable AI formats, according to 63 per cent of respondents while 51 per cent found traffic news appropriate. Strong scepticism towards AI generated political reports was noted and only 13 per cent can imagine using them. Around 57 per cent doubted the credibility of automatically generated texts as developers could misuse them for their own agenda. AI cannot be held responsible for the content.

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Humanization of AI rejected

Around 77 per cent of respondents called for labelling AI applications as such as opposed to making artificial intelligence appear more humane. Distinctions between human and AI generated texts are difficult and only 24 per cent of respondents said they could distinguish between them. Yet, 39 per cent of respondents identified the correct AI text in a test.

Future of journalism at centre of Scoopcamp 2019

The 11th Scoopcamp organised by Hamburg@work, nextMedia.Hamburg and Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa will bring more than 250 experts, decisionmakers and innovators in the IT and media industry to Speicherstadt in Hamburg. This year, emphasis is on innovations needed by media and on how to realize bright ideas for the future in everyday journalism. nextMedia.Hamburg is an initiative of the Hamburg digital and media industry.
It is jointly supported by the Minstry of Culture in Hamburg, the Hamburg@work association, the Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft, diverse companies andmovers and shakers.


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