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Hamburg's family-owned firms to reveal strategies for success

Panel discussion to give insight into decades-long prosperity

Family entrepreneurs are to set to reveal their strategies for decades-long success during the upcoming “Hall of Fame – Dialogue” on June 13, 2019 in Hamburg. The event comes against the backdrop of Hamburg’s top positioning in terms of family businesses. An April 2019 ranking of the 1,000 largest family businesses in 100 German cities by Deutsche Wirtschaft (DWW) found that 64 of the top family-owned companies are based in Hamburg.

Mix of tradition and innovation

One of the most striking characteristics of German family businesses is their combination of tradition and innovation, studies found. Although the transition from one generation to the next is becoming increasingly difficult, it is perhaps one of the secrets of success.

Hall of Fame

Family entrepreneurs will give insights into their success stories during the ““Hall of Fame – Dialogue”“: organized by Handelsblatt. Anja Müller, Handelsblatt Editor and Correspondent for family businesses, will discuss alliances with other companies, partnerships with start-ups and promoting spin-offs and intrapreneurships under the motto “Courage to Co-operate”.

Benefits for visitors

Dr. Vera-Carina Elter, Member of the Executive Board for Human Resources and Family Business at KPMG, Judith Dada, initiator of the “La Famiglia” investment fund, and Dr. Bruno Niemeyer, Chairman of the Management Board of J. Wagner GmbH and CEO of the Wagner Group will share their many years of experience with visitors and answer questions. The free event starts at 6 pm in “The Box” in Borselstraße 16 f in Hamburg-Ottensen. Those interested can register herebeforehand.

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Melissa KnausJune 6, 2019
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