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Wunder Mobility adds smart parking offer

Parking goes digital with app, floor sensors and dashboard thanks to Wunder

The Hamburg-based Wunder Mobility is adding the Wunder Park solution for managing parking spaces to its offers after a recent study by Inrix found that drivers in German cities spend an average of 41 hours a year looking for parking spaces. The hunt for that coveted parking spaces causes congestion, pollution and higher costs, said Inrix, a provider of services for the networked automobile and traffic analyses.

Booking a parking space per app

Smart parking holds great potential for reducing traffic and emissions. “In particular, the digitalization of parking space management can help improve the quality of life in cities and conurbations by making better use of scarce space in cities,” said Gunnar Froh, CEO of Wunder Mobility.Technological innovations will enable companies, property and fleet managers, airports and shopping centre operators to use parking space ideally. An app allows users to find and book free parking spaces in advance. The application then navigates the user to the space and automatically recognizes the license plate. Floor sensors, which detect the occupancy of parking spaces, control the availability. An operator dashboard provides detailed real-time information such as total occupancy and can even identify parking offenders.

Seamless operating mobility system

Wunder Mobility’s three other offers for networked and sustainable mobility are Wunder FleetWunder Shuttle and Wunder Carpool. “Our goal is to offer a complete operating system for mobility,” Froh added. More products will follow in the coming months. Wunder Mobility is the only international full-stack provider to offer the entire spectrum of new mobility services from a single source. More than 50 customers in over 100 global cities now use its products.

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Melissa KnausJuly 3, 2019
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